Plaxel Plasma Skin Tightening

Milia Removal from £30
30 mins. Remove the small white lumps of keratin from under the skin…. Often mistaken for white heads.
Usually found around the eye area.

Plasma skin tightening consultation £20
30 mins.

Mole Removal £90
30 mins

Skin Tag/milia/Mole consultation £20
30 mins. A consultation to assess the skin tag/tags - complete paperwork and patch test numbing agent

Cold Plasma Facial £70
1 hour 30 mins. This facial uses cold plasma technology to reduce fine lines and tighten the face. There is no down time with this treatment and is combined with infra red light therapy to boost collagen production.

Large Skin Tag Removal from £45
45 mins

Small Skin Tag Removal from £30
45 mins

Plaxel Plasma Pen Skin Tightening from £175
1 hour

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