Diploma in Acrylic Nail Enhancement

On this course, Vhari will teach up to 3 students how to prepare themselves, clients, and their workspace for carrying out a full set of acrylic nails. Students will learn how to provide a full set of acrylic nail enhancements, provide accurate aftercare advice, have a basic knowledge of nail conditions and give correct advice.

By the end of the course, students must provide a worksheet with practice “acrylic balls” to show their ability to use the correct ratio of monomer and polymer. Students will provide 3 nail enhancements on practice fingers showing their ability to apply and prep tips and build acrylic nail before working on a live person, 1 with a French finish, 1 using a gel colour, and 1 using plain acrylic finish. Students will be taught how to provide the correct treatment to improve the appearance of the cuticles and nails, how to treat all nails, removal techniques, and nail enhancement treatments.

For final assessment, students are required to complete an open book exam for which students will be emailed a manual at least 1 week before the course and it is recommended that students spend around 2 hours reading this prior to the course, as well as completing a set of acrylic nails within 2 hours on a real client. Please note that these case studies are required to be completed from home and pictures sent for assessment.

£280 includes a practice kit.