BIAB Nail Diploma

On this course, Vhari will teach a maximum of 2 students - how to prepare themselves, clients, and their workspace for Builder In A Bottle gel nail treatments. Students will learn how to identify and provide the correct advice on basic nail conditions, the best techniques on applying hard gel nails and treatment of cuticles and nails, gel removal techniques, and homecare and aftercare advice.

Students will be expected to provide a portfolio showing examples of their ability to apply and prep tips and create builder gel nails on practice fingers using a French finish, a gel colour, and a clear hard gel. The learner will be shown how to provide the correct treatment to improve the appearance of the cuticles and nails, treat all nails, removal technique, competent performance of nail enhancement treatment must be demonstrated and viewed by the assessor.

The final exam will comprise of one complete builder gel nail treatment observed and marked by the trainer and an open book exam. Training manuals and the open book exam will be emailed to students at least 1 week before the training date, we recommend 2 hours of home study prior to training dates.